Project of "Legambiente tourism"

Within the project of Legambiente tourism for enhancing structures with low ecological impact and the development of culture ambintale, we have adhered to the Project Riviera del Conero before, and ecological structures successively to the project, assuming the commitment of small but significant behaviors environmental protection.

banner legambiente turismo

  • Reduction, reuse and recycling of waste: reduction of waste production with appropriate purchasing policies, re-use of packaging and performance; adherence to plans for disposal and separate collection for recycling, in the modes supported by local service companies.
  • Saving water: implementation of water saving measures for the reduction of consumption per capita.
  • Energy saving: energy recovery and reduced fuel consumption by installing low energy light bulbs and lighting systems that allow to avoid waste.
  • Healthy eating and local food: a commitment to serve organic and local foods, fruits and vegetables in season from crops with low environmental impact.
  • Public transport and soft mobility: the promotion of collective transport public and / or private information about timetables and lines. Availability of bicycles for hire.
  • Noise: commitment to reducing the noises produced in the areas of relevance, especially at night, even through the promotion of appropriate behavior towards tourists.
  • Cultural and natural heritage: the promotion of cultural and natural heritage through information on nature trails and communication to the guests of the cultural events and traditional festivals.
  • Promoting reading and information naturalistic setting up reading corners, inviting tourists to leave available to other customers books, magazines and newspapers have already read.
  • Communication: commitment to involving tourists and local communities in the implementation of the behaviors listed in this handbook, also highlighting the site of Legambiente Turismo. Involvement of staff in environmental commitments from the exercise.

In the light of behavior consistent with the commitments made, Albergo Cantarini was inserted between the structures indicated by Legambiente turismo.