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Anna took over the business when his parents became elderly. He continued to work with conviction and courage, flanked by his daughters. Mainly from Anna Maria and when required by Pierpaola.

Anna's dream was to do the fashion designer, and in fact he started his work as a seamstress, but when parents inaugurated the hotel, which was  open all year, Anna had to put aside their dreams to devote full-time himself to the work of family. Over the years Anna has been passionate in his work. So manage the hotel has become the true profession of Anna

Now supervising the activities of the kitchen and supports Anna Maria that she has become the natural heir of Anna in the management of the hotel.

In 2014 he received the recognition of the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona for the professionalism shown in fifty years. Was given to 'the Eagle Diamond' Masters of Commerce.

Cerimonia premazione

The mayor and councilors of the Municipality of Numana wanted to celebrate this award to Anna Cantarini together with the whole family Pierucci.

Premio Anna Comune Numana


il mare nel piattoThe kitchen and the fish

Anna has inherited from her mother the culinary tradition. The specialty of Anna are without a doubt the fish dishes, food that in the history of the family has always played a central role.

For example, the sea bream to the stew, monkfish tomatoes and potatoes, mussels all'anconetana, the spaghetti with shrimp just to name a few.

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The vegetarian menus

When you manage to build a dinner that is also appreciated by the 'omnivores', without making them regret the fish or meat, it means that you have found the right recipe in terms of taste and substance.

Pierpaola over the years has accumulated vegetarian recipes discovered and adapted from those of other cooks or that has built and tested directly.

Some recipes are for example the vegetable pie with tomato sauce and basil, spinach and ricotta flan with cheese fondue, 'trenne alla carbonara' vegetarian with artichoke, the squid with chickpeas and sun-dried tomatoes, 'fusilli al pesto' with eggplant and tomatoes 'datterini'.

When Pierpaola is present in the hotel is directly involved in the cuisine and vegetarian menus. When she lives in Ferrara is consulted by Anna and Anna Maria with regard to vegetarian menus.

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The gluten-free menus

The commitment is to assure the availability of gluten-free foods, while maintaining the flavor and the taste that we get with all the other food preparations.

To achieve this requires a careful evaluation of the gluten-free products that we offer and of the raw materials that we use in the kitchen.

The years of accumulated experience we have served to address this commitment in the best way.

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