I love eating local food

Anna Maria maintains and develops many years an extensive network of relationships with local producers also the organic sector and the garrison “slow food”. In the agricultural products of these lands can taste the flavors of the Mediterranean sun and ground limestone and saltiness.

annamaria prodotti locali

The products are identified closely with the territory, especially because each product has a soul and a history of those who work the land, of who initiates the production chain, of those involved in improving production by finding new combinations. The product is the result of the work of man, of his commitment, culture and traditions that animate it. The typical crops are wheat in rotation with sunflower, sugar beet, meadows legumes, vines, olive trees and medicinal plants.

From tiny Anna Maria and Pierpaola were fascinated by his grandfather's hives Lello. For hundreds of years the people of these lands has practiced the breeding of bees, and thus the production of honey, which, thanks to the abundant vegetation of the protected area and the cultivation of lavender acquires special aromas and flavors typical of the area.

strada del rosso conero

The Conero promontory and the hills that surround it are the natural environment for the cultivation of red grapes of Montepulciano. It is cultivated in lands sheltered from the Apennines and grazed by sea breezes. This makes the wine Rosso Conero particular with characteristic aromas and can not be reproduced elsewhere. Verdicchio, obtained from the homonymous grape, has instead a more complex history. A wine that over the years has undergone several changes, until reaching its current characterization of white wine with intense aroma.

The cultivation of olive trees on hills with rocky terrain continues to develop. The main olive varieties grown are the Leccino, Frantoio, Muraiolo and Mignola. The production of oil, albeit limited compared to other regions, provides an oil refined and quality, with the flavor that is characterized by the aroma of almonds. An oil that can accompany traditional recipes, enriching flavor. Just a simple slice of bread drizzled with our oil to make a meal rich in flavor. Among the varieties of local olives, we must remember: the Raggia, the Ascolana tender, the Rosciola, the Mignola, the Carboncella.


fiscerman 3 di javier

Obviously, the sea plays a central role in nutrition, from oily fish to shellfish. Famous are the mussels Portonovo, wild shellfish served fresh and seasoned with olive oil, garlic, pepper and parsley. Another traditional dish is the fish soup. At the origin was prepared with tomato and fish caught. Then, over the years, the recipe has been enriched with ingredients into a very delicious recipe. A typical dish of the cuisine of these coasts is the cod "all'anconetana".