Eating out AIC

Through years of experience we have learned to know and choose the best gluten-free products, to prepare delicious breakfasts and dinners completely gluten-free, and of course to carefully follow the procedures to avoid contamination of food.

In 2014 we are still the only hotel / inn accredited by A.I.C. in the towns of Numana and Sirolo.

Accreditamento AIC

To be accredited by A.F.C. you must:

participate in a course on celiac disease and gluten-free diet organized by AIC Premises, from ASL or organizations that collaborate with AIC
complete the training with subsequent meetings / courses at the same exercise by AIC Local
follow all the rules supplied by the AIC for the preparation and administration of gluten-free food  to avoid the risks of contamination
use only gluten-free ingredients
periodically receive information material of the Association
allow periodic inspections by the local AIC and a thorough annual check
-  sign an agreement with AIC in which the owner agrees to comply with all the terms listed above

Above all, be accredited by A.I.C. it means to be accountable to the people who rely on us with confidence. This involves commitment and seriousness