Pierpaola recalls that when he was in elementary school was the only one in its class not happy to return home at the end of the school. Even if she was hungry she was returning slowly because he knew what he had to do in the hotel.  She was a very shy child.  She was helping the grandparents doing the waitress at the tables. In those days, the customers were people involved in building development of the 70s. Pierpaola still remembers those heavy dishes and those great men who joked with her in a loud voice, while he wanted to disappear under the tables.

That experience has perhaps influenced the choices of Pierpaola: Sociologist, PhD, observe the people and the way they interact has remained one of his characteristic trait.

The best memories of childhood are linked to  grandmother Enrica and the women who worked in the kitchen,  and his grandfather Lello.  She remembers the carpenter's table and tools that Lello used to make small repairs and to build the hives for his bees.

Pierpaola left Marcelli moved to Ferrara where she lives with her husband. But every summer you can find it at the hotel, if you're lucky, and then you can taste the dishes that are created during the winter.

Vegetarian like her husband, is the family counselor for vegetarian menus.