Alberto e Pierpaola

Want to know something about Marcelli and its inhabitants? Shops, restaurants and various events? Alberto can probably help you. More if you have time and want to hear he can tell you a lot about its history, which is a bit the history of these lands.

Alberto was born on the estate of Count Leopardi: the father cultivated the lands of the Count as a sharecropper. Alberto's family was very poor, so much that they had only one pair of shoes and they were five brothers. In the morning, the first brother who got up put the shoes, the others went barefoot.

The most touching and also funny to hear him tell it, when still baby, he entered secretly into the room where they were setting the table of the count. Alberto came near to the table and lifted the lid of the large serving dish. With great joy he discovered that hid a roast chicken. Without hesitation he took the chicken and ran. Then he divided the chicken with his older brother who has eaten it almost everything. When he returned home he found his father very angry and frightened, he was told he was gone a chicken and that was the little Alberto to take it. Alberto tried to deny until his father told him how they had discovered that he had stolen the roast chicken. They had seen on the polished floor of the dining room the unmistakable imprints of her little bare feet.

You can find Albert sitting in front of the hotel or in the TV room. You can take advantage of the his kindness and availability.