Introducing the hotel

contactL 'Hotel Cantarini, 3 star hotel, is located in the center of the resort of Marcelli Numana. We're practically in the heart of the Riviera del Conero. Built facing the sea was opened in 1968 by his maternal grandparents Tersilio and Enrica who decided to transform their home in this hotel.

siamo quiWe are here

The sea in front of the hotel

An ideal place to spend the holiday in the sun on our beaches to cool off by diving into our sea, but also an ideal place to appreciate the richness of culture and landscape of our country. You will be welcomed in the serene and pleasant characteristic of our small and friendly Hotel.

Marcelli is the seaside resort of Numana, a few kilometers from the marina and the historic towns of Numana and Sirolo. Here you can download the guidance of the Riviera del Conero

Riviera del conero

The beaches and waters of Numana years are awarded the title of European Blue Flag for cleanliness and livability that sets them apart. From  Numana you get to walk to Marcelli, observing different types of beaches that are suitable for all needs. Renowned for its wide white sandy beach, sunny and breezy, Marcelli is the right place for those who want to enjoy a sunny day at the seaside.

Numana e tartarughe

Albergo e famiglia

Our Hotel

contactThe aspects that make a stay in our hotel very unique and pleasant can be identified in the decennial tradition of attention to guests, in courtesy of Anna Maria and her passion for this work and for these territories,the friendliness and helpfulness of Alberto, in culinary passion handed down from grandmother to mother, from Enrica to Anna,  and now from Anna to Pierpaola and Anna Maria.

Awards Rooms Shared spaces Garden

The quality of our hotel, first of all, are the people.

albergo viste


We are proud and we want to emphasize that we were rewarded by Legambiente Turismo for the "Enhancement of organic gastronomy and traditional". This award recognized the years of attention and interest, research and testing of the products of our territory, and for the care that we have always had in preserving the local gastronomic traditiona tradition that we make it current with the development of new recipes.

We have participated in the project Riviera del Conero engaging in small but significant behaviors oriented to the preservation of our environment.

We responsibly made a commitment to ensure the safe preparation of meals for people with celiac disease, following the training and the indication of the Italian Celiac Association.

Thanks largely to the belief of Pierpaola which for years has made the decision to become vegetarian, we have enriched our culinary skills and we guarantee excellent vegetarian menus.


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The hotel is located in the newest and most modern of the town, just across the square, the space used for the most important events such as fairs, concerts, outdoor cinema.

piazza marcelli


The hotel has seven rooms.

Five double rooms and two single rooms on the first floor.

The property offers two double rooms located in “La Battigia” - rooms for rent - on the ground floor right next to the main building. These rooms can be an ideal choice for two couples or for families.

The rooms are decorated in 70s style, but each with its own character. Some have balconies facing the sea, others overlook the rear garden. Each room is equipped with bathroom, TV, ceiling fan, safe-deposit box, fridge and direct dial telephone. In all the rooms of the hotel you can not smoke. The hotel is not air conditioned.

 le stanze

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Shared spaces

The common areas are spacious and airy, allowing the breeze to pass through the entire hotel. The bar and TV room overlooking the Litoranea  street, the main street that runs along the beach. It is the street of the walk in the evening, which is overlooked by the windows of shops, ice cream parlors and all major businesses. Seated at tables in front of the hotel you can enjoy the sea and the promenade evening. The dining room opens onto the garden, where it is pleasant to sit in the shade to wait to be served dinner.

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On the back of the hotel, accessible from the dining room or back gate  from the street  Pesaro, is the cozy garden with gazebo where you can read a book, play cards or just have a drink. Next to the garden there is a covered parking. The access gate is locked at night. If customers have to come home late at night, they must advise otherwise remain locked out, and will need to park along the road.

giardino parcheggio

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Prodotti locali

I love eating local food

Anna Maria maintains and develops many years an extensive network of relationships with local producers also the organic sector and the garrison “slow food”. In the agricultural products of these lands can taste the flavors of the Mediterranean sun and ground limestone and saltiness.

annamaria prodotti locali

The products are identified closely with the territory, especially because each product has a soul and a history of those who work the land, of who initiates the production chain, of those involved in improving production by finding new combinations. The product is the result of the work of man, of his commitment, culture and traditions that animate it. The typical crops are wheat in rotation with sunflower, sugar beet, meadows legumes, vines, olive trees and medicinal plants.

From tiny Anna Maria and Pierpaola were fascinated by his grandfather's hives Lello. For hundreds of years the people of these lands has practiced the breeding of bees, and thus the production of honey, which, thanks to the abundant vegetation of the protected area and the cultivation of lavender acquires special aromas and flavors typical of the area.

strada del rosso conero

The Conero promontory and the hills that surround it are the natural environment for the cultivation of red grapes of Montepulciano. It is cultivated in lands sheltered from the Apennines and grazed by sea breezes. This makes the wine Rosso Conero particular with characteristic aromas and can not be reproduced elsewhere. Verdicchio, obtained from the homonymous grape, has instead a more complex history. A wine that over the years has undergone several changes, until reaching its current characterization of white wine with intense aroma.

The cultivation of olive trees on hills with rocky terrain continues to develop. The main olive varieties grown are the Leccino, Frantoio, Muraiolo and Mignola. The production of oil, albeit limited compared to other regions, provides an oil refined and quality, with the flavor that is characterized by the aroma of almonds. An oil that can accompany traditional recipes, enriching flavor. Just a simple slice of bread drizzled with our oil to make a meal rich in flavor. Among the varieties of local olives, we must remember: the Raggia, the Ascolana tender, the Rosciola, the Mignola, the Carboncella.


fiscerman 3 di javier

Obviously, the sea plays a central role in nutrition, from oily fish to shellfish. Famous are the mussels Portonovo, wild shellfish served fresh and seasoned with olive oil, garlic, pepper and parsley. Another traditional dish is the fish soup. At the origin was prepared with tomato and fish caught. Then, over the years, the recipe has been enriched with ingredients into a very delicious recipe. A typical dish of the cuisine of these coasts is the cod "all'anconetana".


Project of "Legambiente tourism"

Within the project of Legambiente tourism for enhancing structures with low ecological impact and the development of culture ambintale, we have adhered to the Project Riviera del Conero before, and ecological structures successively to the project, assuming the commitment of small but significant behaviors environmental protection.

banner legambiente turismo

  • Reduction, reuse and recycling of waste: reduction of waste production with appropriate purchasing policies, re-use of packaging and performance; adherence to plans for disposal and separate collection for recycling, in the modes supported by local service companies.
  • Saving water: implementation of water saving measures for the reduction of consumption per capita.
  • Energy saving: energy recovery and reduced fuel consumption by installing low energy light bulbs and lighting systems that allow to avoid waste.
  • Healthy eating and local food: a commitment to serve organic and local foods, fruits and vegetables in season from crops with low environmental impact.
  • Public transport and soft mobility: the promotion of collective transport public and / or private information about timetables and lines. Availability of bicycles for hire.
  • Noise: commitment to reducing the noises produced in the areas of relevance, especially at night, even through the promotion of appropriate behavior towards tourists.
  • Cultural and natural heritage: the promotion of cultural and natural heritage through information on nature trails and communication to the guests of the cultural events and traditional festivals.
  • Promoting reading and information naturalistic setting up reading corners, inviting tourists to leave available to other customers books, magazines and newspapers have already read.
  • Communication: commitment to involving tourists and local communities in the implementation of the behaviors listed in this handbook, also highlighting the site of Legambiente Turismo. Involvement of staff in environmental commitments from the exercise.

In the light of behavior consistent with the commitments made, Albergo Cantarini was inserted between the structures indicated by Legambiente turismo.

Alimentarsi fuori casa AIC

Eating out AIC

Through years of experience we have learned to know and choose the best gluten-free products, to prepare delicious breakfasts and dinners completely gluten-free, and of course to carefully follow the procedures to avoid contamination of food.

In 2014 we are still the only hotel / inn accredited by A.I.C. in the towns of Numana and Sirolo.

Accreditamento AIC

To be accredited by A.F.C. you must:

participate in a course on celiac disease and gluten-free diet organized by AIC Premises, from ASL or organizations that collaborate with AIC
complete the training with subsequent meetings / courses at the same exercise by AIC Local
follow all the rules supplied by the AIC for the preparation and administration of gluten-free food  to avoid the risks of contamination
use only gluten-free ingredients
periodically receive information material of the Association
allow periodic inspections by the local AIC and a thorough annual check
-  sign an agreement with AIC in which the owner agrees to comply with all the terms listed above

Above all, be accredited by A.I.C. it means to be accountable to the people who rely on us with confidence. This involves commitment and seriousness

Our menus


sea menus vegetarian menus gluten-free menus

Anna took over the business when his parents became elderly. He continued to work with conviction and courage, flanked by his daughters. Mainly from Anna Maria and when required by Pierpaola.

Anna's dream was to do the fashion designer, and in fact he started his work as a seamstress, but when parents inaugurated the hotel, which was  open all year, Anna had to put aside their dreams to devote full-time himself to the work of family. Over the years Anna has been passionate in his work. So manage the hotel has become the true profession of Anna

Now supervising the activities of the kitchen and supports Anna Maria that she has become the natural heir of Anna in the management of the hotel.

In 2014 he received the recognition of the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona for the professionalism shown in fifty years. Was given to 'the Eagle Diamond' Masters of Commerce.

Cerimonia premazione

The mayor and councilors of the Municipality of Numana wanted to celebrate this award to Anna Cantarini together with the whole family Pierucci.

Premio Anna Comune Numana


il mare nel piattoThe kitchen and the fish

Anna has inherited from her mother the culinary tradition. The specialty of Anna are without a doubt the fish dishes, food that in the history of the family has always played a central role.

For example, the sea bream to the stew, monkfish tomatoes and potatoes, mussels all'anconetana, the spaghetti with shrimp just to name a few.

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The vegetarian menus

When you manage to build a dinner that is also appreciated by the 'omnivores', without making them regret the fish or meat, it means that you have found the right recipe in terms of taste and substance.

Pierpaola over the years has accumulated vegetarian recipes discovered and adapted from those of other cooks or that has built and tested directly.

Some recipes are for example the vegetable pie with tomato sauce and basil, spinach and ricotta flan with cheese fondue, 'trenne alla carbonara' vegetarian with artichoke, the squid with chickpeas and sun-dried tomatoes, 'fusilli al pesto' with eggplant and tomatoes 'datterini'.

When Pierpaola is present in the hotel is directly involved in the cuisine and vegetarian menus. When she lives in Ferrara is consulted by Anna and Anna Maria with regard to vegetarian menus.

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The gluten-free menus

The commitment is to assure the availability of gluten-free foods, while maintaining the flavor and the taste that we get with all the other food preparations.

To achieve this requires a careful evaluation of the gluten-free products that we offer and of the raw materials that we use in the kitchen.

The years of accumulated experience we have served to address this commitment in the best way.

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 'Legambiente'  and tourism  has organized an initiative by title

"Recommended structures for their commitment to environmental protection"

where has rewarded us for the

"Enhancement of organic gastronomy and traditional"


Anna MariaLegambiente turismo

Camera di commercio di Ancona

We have received the recognition of the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona

"For the commitment to protect the environment"


Anna Maria among the finalists of'Impronta d'Impresa'



Anna Maria al convegno

Anna Maria

The heart and soul of the hotel. His passion, helpfulness and courtesy will amaze you.

Anna Maria grew up in the hotel. Even as a child helped serve at the tables and rearrange the rooms. In the kitchen did not help, because the kitchen was the reign of his grandmother and could not enter. Although absorbed by family still managed to cultivate their passions such as journalism, becoming a publicist, and above all languages, and in particular the Arabic language in which she graduated at the University 'Ca Foscari' of Venice.

Of course the hotel is not his only interest.  He would like to use what he learned at the university and arrange trips to Arab countries and has a dream: a house by the sea in Sicily or maybe in Egypt or Morocco.

Free WiFi

Free WiFi

We provide a free internet terminal which can connect to the internet and a free WiFi connection and without limits.
Just requires a password in order to connect to the WiFi access point dedicated to customers (24/24 available in the entire hotel).
The coverage of WiFi transmission is highest on the first floor of the hotel.


Pierpaola recalls that when he was in elementary school was the only one in its class not happy to return home at the end of the school. Even if she was hungry she was returning slowly because he knew what he had to do in the hotel.  She was a very shy child.  She was helping the grandparents doing the waitress at the tables. In those days, the customers were people involved in building development of the 70s. Pierpaola still remembers those heavy dishes and those great men who joked with her in a loud voice, while he wanted to disappear under the tables.

That experience has perhaps influenced the choices of Pierpaola: Sociologist, PhD, observe the people and the way they interact has remained one of his characteristic trait.

The best memories of childhood are linked to  grandmother Enrica and the women who worked in the kitchen,  and his grandfather Lello.  She remembers the carpenter's table and tools that Lello used to make small repairs and to build the hives for his bees.

Pierpaola left Marcelli moved to Ferrara where she lives with her husband. But every summer you can find it at the hotel, if you're lucky, and then you can taste the dishes that are created during the winter.

Vegetarian like her husband, is the family counselor for vegetarian menus.

Albertoin cantina


Want to know something about Marcelli and its inhabitants? Shops, restaurants and various events? Alberto can probably help you. More if you have time and want to hear he can tell you a lot about its history, which is a bit the history of these lands.

Alberto was born on the estate of Count Leopardi: the father cultivated the lands of the Count as a sharecropper. Alberto's family was very poor, so much that they had only one pair of shoes and they were five brothers. In the morning, the first brother who got up put the shoes, the others went barefoot.

The most touching and also funny to hear him tell it, when still baby, he entered secretly into the room where they were setting the table of the count. Alberto came near to the table and lifted the lid of the large serving dish. With great joy he discovered that hid a roast chicken. Without hesitation he took the chicken and ran. Then he divided the chicken with his older brother who has eaten it almost everything. When he returned home he found his father very angry and frightened, he was told he was gone a chicken and that was the little Alberto to take it. Alberto tried to deny until his father told him how they had discovered that he had stolen the roast chicken. They had seen on the polished floor of the dining room the unmistakable imprints of her little bare feet.

You can find Albert sitting in front of the hotel or in the TV room. You can take advantage of the his kindness and availability.


Covered parking

You can take advantage of a convenient covered parking located in the fenced backyard of the hotel.

Your cars or bikes will be repaired and safe.

Alberto takes care to close the gate every evening, after who the last customer have parked.